Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Resetting cartridge Epson R290

When I have trouble on my cartridge R290, is currently the forum's neighbors.
Hopefully it can help you .
The original cartridge of R290 havechip system that calculates the number of print-out that we already do, after reaching the maximum limit will require the replacement of the printer cartridge.
This also happens on the system infus R290, infus implement this system combine the chip, which is equipped with a switch / switch on the top of the cartridge.
Function of this switch is to reset the volume of the print cartridge if the replacement cartridge is required, meaning we R290 printer "deceit" as if we have to change with a new cartridge.

Note: almost all types of printers epson latest chip I use it is difficult to be modified, with different types such as the previous R230, R250, C67, etc., which can be reset to its done in auto, for the latest types of reset is done with the help of user / users.

Here's How to reset cartridge R290:

(The need to reset the printer cartridge, printer will give you a warning, a light red / orange blink-blink in the reset button (on the power button)).
Open the printer cover
Remove the paper / material feed sensor cover,
Press the reset (the power button) several times (1-3x), to the position of the cartridge in the position of the replacement cartridge (right),
Pejet button switch on the cartridge (rather long), then release,
pairs back penyumpal paper sensor cover
close the back cover printer
press reset button again, the printer reacts to give voice to the paper I draw a very long time,
the printer is ready for use again,
The way above will be done each time the printer requires replacement cartridge, which is marked with a light reset blink-blink red / orange.

this is the resetter.
Resetter R290 Download

It’s FREE.

Good luck


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Anonymous said...

Very interesting, but I don't understand well the procedure. Could you be more clear, please?

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