Wednesday, February 20, 2008

EPSON Stylus Photo 750 Counter Reset

This program can be used with following conditions:

  1. Download this program
  2. Change the date on your PC to February 1 2007.
  3. Run the program. It will give Expired Program message.
  4. Exit program.
  5. Delete the folder - C:/Adjustment Programs/ on your PC.
  6. Run the program. It has to work perfectly this time!
After Feb 22, 2007 the program has been expired,
but you can RUN it using instructions at the UP of the page

1 comment:

gief said...

printer saya epson stylus photo 1390
driver saya instal di windows xp tidak ada masalah...
sekarang saya memakai windows7....saya menemukan masalah sekarang, bagaimana cara cleaning head di windows7....
tolong kirim pengarahan ke mail
terimasih sebelumnya...

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